Published six times a year, Meat Packing Journal gives data driven analysis and insight into the international meat and poultry industry, helping our readers spot opportunities in markets at home and abroad

Meat packing Journal is the essential read for every producer that has eyes on exporting. MPJ brings insight on growth markets; product and flavour trends both domestic and overseas; insight on established markets and advice on packaging, shipping, distribution and logistics issues.

For its readers, MPJ offers a cost effective way of getting deep market intelligence. Each issue brings at least four in depth industry reports, giving a reader 24 market and trend reports every year for just $750. Traditional data and analysis providers charge $1,500-$3,000 for a single report.

MPJ is written with the international sales and export manager in mind. When this key player in any company spots an evolving opportunity, they are the catalyst for change in their organisations. For our advertisers, the association with high quality, realiable market intelligence brings great results when those organisations invest to target the growth markets.

The meat industry has seen a steady increase in global output and exporting for the past 50 years and projections from United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Trade Organisation, and the United States Department of Agriculture all forecast continued growth up to 2050.

The US meat industry alone has a retail value of $85bn, making it the largest segment of the US agriculture industry. Global meat industry growth is being led by the emerging and developing economies. Industrialised countries of the US and Europe have in places seen a decline.
This is driving the well established processors of Europe and North America to expand their operations into rapid growth markets.

As the leading magazine for the international meat and poultry industry, MPJ is the only resource that is following this trend for a globalised meat industry.