Published six times a year, Meat Packing Journal cuts deep into the issues that affect the industry. With analysis, insightful features, and essential technical papers, Meat Packing Journal is the complete resource

MEAT PACKING JOURNAL is the only international magazine covering the slaughtering, processing, packaging and distribution of meat and poultry. It is distributed to some 5,000 slaughterhouses and processing facilities around the world and seen in print and online by more than 30,000 readers.

The journal digs into the issues affecting the meat packing industry. It keeps readers abreast of the latest developments, trends, best practice and research. Published six times a year the magazine looks deeper into the industry and delivers the most up to date thinking and commentary.

The intense scrutiny of the wider press on the meat packing industry, and the often emotionally charged debates that surround the slaughtering and processing of animals, can negatively impact knowledge sharing within our sector. Meat Packing Journal is the tool to combat this.

The journal tackles essential issues such as supply integrity, food safety, and humane slaughter by promoting best practice, sharing the latest knowledge and reviewing technology developments.

Meat Packing Journal is supported by an editorial advisory board, a panel of industry experts, researchers and leaders. This board helps guide the journal’s content, ensuring that it covers the most pressing issues for our industry and remains a reliable and accurate resource.

The dedicated editorial team and contributors ensure Meat Packing Journal is the most incisive publication for our sector. Through face-to-face industry contact, detailed research and industry submitted technical papers, the journal strives to deliver the most comprehensive content offering.

While the Meat Packing Journal aims to educate and engage our industry it also stands as a testament to our efforts to continually improve practice and better our standards.