CSB-System AG based in Geilenkirchen near the city of Aachen celebrated its 40th anniversary. Starting out as a small team of consultants for the meat industry, CSB has developed into a globally active IT enterprise for the entire process industry, offering software, hardware, services and business consulting all around the world. Today the CSB Group employs more than 600 members of staff and generates an annual sales volume of 77 million euros.

In 1977, Dr. Peter Schimitzek was the right man at the right place. After having completed his training as a master butcher, Schimitzek went on to pursue a degree in business administration and economics and obtained his doctorate with his thesis “Recipe optimization for meat products”.  This software program, which was designed to facilitate the implementation of guidelines for meat and meat products in 1975, was expanded to ultimately represent an ERP system.  First for the meat industry, then for the entire food industry.

Today, CSB-System AG based in Geilenkirchen, is the leading industry IT specialist  for the process industries of food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and trade. With its offering of software, hardware, services and business consulting from a single source, the company sees itself as an innovation partner that creates competitive edge for its customer base. As has been the case since its beginnings, the central focus of the company is still on the optimization of processes and products.  “Our systems are not designed for all industries, but focused on a few to cater to their specific needs. With our systematic optimization approach, we can guarantee Best Practices,” Schimitzek says as he describes the strategy of CBS. We now have deployed CSB solutions at approx. 1,200 customers worldwide.”