2016 Texas A&M University Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team. Front row, Ty Robertson, Catherine Guillotte, Baylee Bessire, and Dylan Tucker; Back row, Courtney Boykin (assistant coach), Katy Jo Nickelson, Micki Gooch, Jordan Hevner, Emily Mahalitc, Brogan Horton, and Clay Eastwood (coach)

The Texas A&M University Quiz Bowl Team competed at the American Meat Science Association Reciprocal Meat Conference at the Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas on Sunday, June 19, 2016. Two four-member teams went deep in the double-elimination tournament before they were eliminated. The team was selected in May from a group of students who first attended a Quiz Bowl information meeting in January, 2016.

2016 Texas A&M University Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team. Front row, Catherine Guillotte, Brogan Horton, Katy Jo Nickelson, Emily Mahalitc, and Baylee Bessire; Back row, Clay Eastwood (coach), Ty Robertson, Micki Gooch, Jordan Hevner, Dylan Tucker, and Courtney Boykin (assistant coach)

Members of the 2016 team were Baylee Bessire, Muleshoe, Texas; Micki Gooch, Celina, Texas; Catherine Guillotte, Palestine, Texas; Jordan Hevner, Adkins, Texas; Brogan Horton, Larkspur, Colorado; Emily Mahalitc, Eagle Lake, Texas; Katy Jo Nickelson, Fort Worth, Texas; Ty Robertson, Granbury, Texas; Dylan Tucker, Ferris, Texas. The team was coached by Clay Eastwood with assistance from Courtney Boykin. Dan Hale serves as the faculty coordinator for the team.

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Source: Texas A&M